Windows Server containers for AKS generally available

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Windows Server containers for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). The service, which had been in preview, is aimed at those who use Kubernetes to host containers on both Windows Server and Linux.

Reduce complexity and costs with Windows Server containers for AKS

In addition to reducing operational complexity, using Kubernetes to host containers on Windows Server and Linux can reduce costs. Azure Kubernetes Service integrates easily with GitHub, Visual Studio Code, and other development tools. Brendan Burns, corporate vice president, Azure Compute, says, “You can now lift and shift your Windows applications to run on managed Kubernetes service with Azure and get the full benefits of AKS for your production workloads using consistent tools and processes.”

By running Windows and Linux applications side-by-side in a single AKS cluster, you should be able to easily update and optimize your environment for a broader set of applications and reduce your costs at the same time.

Also available: Private clusters and managed identities

Along with the general availability of Windows Server containers for AKS, Microsoft announced general availability for private clusters and managed identities support in AKS. With private clusters, users are assured that managed Kubernetes remains solely on their private networks and not on the Internet. This provides security assurances and is especially essential for regulated industries like finance and health care where network isolation is a must for compliance purposes.

As for Azure managed identities for AKS, this service lets you interact securely with other Azure services. As Burns notes, “With the introduction of managed identity, you don’t have to manage your own service principals or rotate credentials often.”

For those just starting out with Kubernetes on Azure, Microsoft has some nice learning and frameworks materials to get you up to speed.

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