Windows Virtual Desktop coming to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft recently announced that Windows Virtual Desktop is coming to Azure. The cloud-based tool is made to deliver a Windows 10 experience for multiple users. With this new integration, you can deploy and scale Windows and Microsoft office on Azure within just a few minutes, and enjoy the built-in security and compliance features that come with Azure. Here’s what you need to know about this new offering.

Benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop was created with both IT and end users in mind. So while you might be familiar with other desktop virtualization options that are complicated or expensive to deploy, Microsoft claims that its solution is much easier to manage.

In addition, Windows Virtual Desktop is the only service to offer a multi-user Windows 10 experience. It is compatible with Microsoft Store and Windows line-of-business apps. This compatibility provides cost advantages that were only possible with server-based virtualization before.

Some other benefits include:

  • The ability to virtualize Office 365 ProPlus in multi-user virtual scenarios.
  • Access to Windows 7 virtual desktop with free Extended Security Updates.
  • Provides a scalable option for deploying and managing Windows virtual machines.
  • Ability to virtualize both desktops and apps within the same program.
  • Integration with security and management features of Microsoft 365.

How to access Windows Virtual Desktop

A public preview of Windows Virtual Desktop will be available to users of Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education later this year. You can sign up for Windows Virtual Desktop in your account and then you just need to set up an Azure subscription or use an existing Azure account to deploy and manage your virtual desktops and apps. There is no additional cost beyond those programs aside from whatever your virtual machines use for storage and compute consumption. You can register on Microsoft’s website to receive an update when the Windows Virtual Desktop preview officially launches.

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