Windows 2000 Desktop Restrictions

You can restrict various desktop options in Windows 2000 using registry hacks
directly; using the System Policy Editor (an indirect registry editor) with the
advantage that the workstation registry will be returned to the desired state at
each logon; or with Group Policy editor which requires Active Directory. This
tip covers the underlying registry values which are the same for Window NT and
Windows 2000.

Remove Common Groups from the Start Menu
Shut Down button from Start Menu

Find command from the Start Menu

Taskbar from Start Menu

Remove Run
command from Start menu

Remove all
desktop icons

Remove drive icons from My Computer
File menu in Explorer

Shortcut netmenu items and network drive options from Explorer toolbar

Hide Network Neighborhood icon and prevent Explorer from network

Hide Control Panel, Printers, and My Computer Folders in Explorer

Hidding Explorer’s Context Menus
Ability to View Context Menus

programs that can be run

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