Windows 2000 Supported DNS Record Types

Record Type Common Name Function RFC
A Address Record Maps FQDN to 32bit IPv4 address RFC1035
AAAA IPv6 address record Maps FQDN to 128bit IPv6 address RFC1886
AFSDB Andrews files system Maps a DNS domain name to a server subtype that is either an AFS version 3
volume or an authenicated name server using DCE or NCA
CNAME Canonical name or alias name Maps a virtual domain name, alias, to a real domain name RFC1035
HINFO Host info record Specifies the CPU and operating system type for the host RFC1700
ISDN ISDN info record Maps an FQDN to an ISDN telephone # RFC1183
MB Mailbox name record Maps a domain mail server name to the host name of the mail server RFC1035
MG Mail group record Maps a domain mailing group to the mailbox resource records RFC1035
MINFO Mailbox info record Specifices a mailbox for the person who maintains the mailbox RFC1035
MR Mailbox renamed record Maps an old mailbox name to a new mailbox name for forwarding purposes RFC1035
MX Mail exchange record Provides routing info to reach a given mailbox RFC974
NS Name server record Specifies that the name server listed has a zone starting with the owner
name. Identify servers other than SOA server that contain zone information
PTR Pointer resource record Points to another DNS resource record, used for reverse lookup to point to A
RP Responsible person info record Provides info about the server admin RFC1183
RT Route-through record Provides routing info for hosts lacking a direct WAN adr RFC1183
SOA Start of Authority resource record Specify which server contains the zone file for a domain RFC1537
SRV Service locator record Provides a way of locating multiple servers providing similar tcp/ip
TXT Text record Maps a DNS name to a string of descriptive text RFC1035
WKS Well known services record Describes the most popular tcp/ip services supported by a protocol on a
specific ip adr
X25 X.25 info record Maps a DNS adr to a public switched data network PSDN adr number RFC1183

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