Windows NT Automatic Logon

On a dedicated special function server such as print server or application
server, one might want to bypass the Logon dialog box and automatically logon to
the server. Not recommended. If you want to set it on
your standalone workstation at home, well thats a different matter. If you want
to set this on a laptop or workstation on a network, consider the word security.

If you need to set autologon and twiddlying with registry hacks is daunting,
see Autologon tips which points to
freeware utility to do the work for you.

The detailed registry hacks have been moved to the registry section. Registry Tip #34: Automatic Logon

Whether you use the Autologon utility or the registry approach, there are
times when you must logon as another user or need the logon dialog to appear.
Hold down the shift key until during boot until the logon dialog appears. See Registry Tip #34: Automatic Logon for a
registry hack to block, value=IgnoreShiftOverride.

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