Windows NT Logon scripts – performing operations depending on user group membership

The resource kit has a program called IFMEMBER , which
you can use in your login script logic. IFMEMBER works
by checking for membership in a group and returning an ERRORLEVEL hence you’ll have a bunch of IF THENS. Code segment

ifmember itsgrp
if not errorlevel 1 goto hrgrp
net use u: \\server1\itsshare$

ifmember hrgrp
if not errorlevel 1 goto secgrp
net use u: \\server1\secshare$

Unfortunately, I believe ifmember only works for NT workstations.

Check out John Kozubik’s tutorial Windows NT
Login Script Tricks and Tips
for tips on NT login scripting.

Microsoft has introduced the downloadable Windows script for vbscript scripting purposes.

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