Windows NT Service Account Manager

Service Account Manager for Windows NT/2000/XP allows you to manage NT/2000/XP
Services and their passwords on multiple systems with a single operation.
Changing Service Accounts and Passwords across your entire enterprise is as
simple as selecting the machines to change, and specifying the new account and
password. Service Account Manager for Windows NT/2000/XP can automatically stop
and restart the service as part of any change operation. You can also:

  • Remotely install and de-install Services
  • Search and replace Service Accounts by name and password
  • Control the order of changes to different services
  • Browse Network Neighborhood to locate systems
  • Change Services on multiple Domains in the same operation
  • Produce standard database reports of Services across the Domain
  • Ability to update Logon Cache
  • Deferred processing and scheduling – will retry indefinitely on machines
    that are off-line until change is made
  • Generalized account membership and rights editor
  • Full automatic dependency analysis so that all dependent services are
    stopped and started transparently, no matter how complex the dependency
    relationship. Needed to handling programs like Veritas Backup Exec.
you are using any NT/2000/XP service-based software that logs on with Domain
accounts (required for Services that communicate across the network), Service
Account Manager for Windows NT/2000/XP will prove to be an essential tool for
the secure and efficient operation of your NT/2000/XP network environment Check
out Service
Account Manager for Windows NT/2000/XP
. Commerical 3rd party utility.

Since writing this tip, I have discovered the following alternatives:

Service Control
component of Enterprise Configuration Manager (ECM) which is
designed to:

  • Stop, start and configure any service
  • Stop, start and stop/start any service or services on some or all systems
  • Change a start-up user account or password, and
  • Change the password for all services for a given service account user,

If all you are interested in is a way to change the local admin password on
your server or workstation farm, there are freeware alternatives:

Password Changer

or even a Perl script (which you can modify for your particular needs).

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