Windows NT wildcards make changing directories easy

There is some god-awful long directory name – lets say c:\this
is a god-awful directory
– to change to that directory you could type

C:> cd c:\this is a god-awful directory or
you could type C:> cd c:\this*.

Win9x can create directory names / file names with spaces but then they have
to enclose the name in quotes to keep the space from terminating the command.
This discourages using the command-line in Win9x. Spaces are OK in NT at

C:> type c:\data\this file rather than
C:> type c:\data\”this file” This makes the
dark place a little friendlier in NT.

But like all tools you have to be careful. Particularly if there are
subdirectories with names matching the portions of a folder with a long file
name. Experiment with the copy, del, and rd commands in a subfolder with folders
named quickbooks and “copy of quickbooks”. If there is ambiguity, use quotes or
the Explorer GUI.

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