Windows XP Common Problems and Gotcha’s

I will use this tip to collect gotcha!s and common problems in Windows XP. If you have corrections, additions, or questions, please send them to Wayne Maples .

Probably biggest gotcha! is that Windows XP Pro and Windows XP Home are very different products. Lots is missing in XP Home and it is much less stable than XP Pro.

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  1. Ernest Alpin Hall

    I am 76 years old, and I live in Germiston,Republic of South Africa. I wonder why I suddenly have to press F1,F10 and “ENTER” before I can boot up my home “PC-Computer? Then ,each time,I’m required to change time and date from,say 1 December 1999,to the current date and time :- THEN,after some time, we’re “up-and-running”. Just asking! No REAL problem! Just inconvenient and odd,compared to the LAST decade-or-so’s use,s’all!! REGULAR power outages,during operations,are suspected! Thanks.

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