WinObj ultimate NT Object Manager namespace viewer

Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cosgwell at have released
freeware utility WinObj is the
ultimate Object Manager namespace viewer with security links to native security
editors. Useful to Windows NT admin.

WinObj is a 32-bit Windows NT program that uses
the native Windows NT API (provided by NTDLL.DLL) to access and display
information on the NT Object Manager’s name space. Winobj may seem similar to
the Microsoft SDK’s program of the same name, but the SDK version suffers from
numerous significant bugs that prevent it from displaying accurate information
(e.g. its handle and reference counting information aretotally broken). In
addition, our [Russinovich & Cogswell] WinObj understands many more
object types. Finally, Version 2.0 of our [Russinovich & Cogswell]
WinObj has user-interface enhancements, knows how to open device objects, and
will let you view and change object security information using native NT
security editors.

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