Automatic Search for Network Shares

On Windows ME, you can view the shared resources on other systems in the network
by browsing in “My Network Places“, “Entire Network“, then your “<workgroup>“,
then the “<computer-name>” and finally it displays the shared resources
(shared disk-drives/folders and shared printers):

For small network of up to 10 systems, Windows ME offers a faster method, internally called
When I installed my Windows ME system, it was deactivated.
I was told that it was activated on other systems.
This new feature can be controlled via the registry entry:
key “NoNetCrawling“:

If this Registry key-value is missing or its value is 0, then this feature is active.
( to deactivate this feature, set the value to 1, you may have first to create the key as a DWORD-value )
With this feature active and if there are less than 10 systems on the network, your Windows ME
Explorer will (in the background) search the network to locate all network shares, which are then
display directly under “My Network Places” :

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