Hear them roar: Advice for women looking to go big in the tech world

Women are rallying against the gender gap in the tech industry, demanding the same pay as men for doing the same job and fighting for their inclusion in employment opportunities for high-level digital positions. So, now is as good a time as any for prospective female graduates and tech employees interested in climbing to the top of the industry. Sure, there are numerous roadblocks to a woman’s confidence, but there are also various success stories that hopefully encourage young women to take the first step. As more companies realize the positive impact of gender equality on their bottom line, the overall industry is making actual efforts to support women in IT and tech jobs. Here are a few nuggets of wisdom that aspiring women may find useful:

Know what success means to you

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This holds true for any industry, but it is especially important in IT where the scenario and job roles are rapidly changing. Spend sufficient time in figuring out what a successful career means to you. How do you measure this success?

Does it involve your compensation or your seniority and status in the organization? Or is it something more personal, such as the flexibility afforded by your job, or the teammates you work with? Ask yourself these questions to define success on your own terms and chart the course of your career accordingly.

Do not fear failure

As a woman in tech, you should never hesitate to take the first step in a project. Sure, there is the possibility that you might get things wrong, but that is the best way to learn.

Only by fully embracing your failures do you convert them into learning opportunities rather than allowing them to hold you back. Consider failure as a necessary ingredient for personal growth and innovation. Make sure you have what it takes to contend with setbacks, transforming them into something positive.

Discard the idea of perfectionism

Women often feel the need to prove themselves in society. They feel pressurized to be perfect, whether in their work or personal lives. However, real success lies in staying true to who you are — flaws and all — and embracing your shortcomings.

Remember, your imperfections often make you unique in a special way. The moment you realize that nobody’s perfect and you deserve to be in the room is the day your life in the tech industry will become a lot easier.

IT is a male-dominated industry, and the sooner you realize how the pursuit of perfectionism chips away at your confidence, the sooner you can achieve the strength and confidence needed to succeed in this field.

Know your transferable talents

Many women get bored in regular corporate jobs and wish to join the growing IT scene.

However, they are held back by the misconception that they lack the tech skills needed to succeed. The truth is, tech organizations, like any other sector, need a vast range of workers. These companies have legal, HR, and operations teams like any other organization.

So, make a list of your talents, from strategic to communication, and browse for suitable roles. Do not pay much attention to the job titles since they are inconsistent and unclear, choosing instead to focus on the actual skills needed to rise to the top of this role.

Stay updated and list your dream companies

The tech industry is often a minefield. You will hear about Instagram one minute, and the next it is all about cryptocurrency. That’s why you should build up your knowledge to stay on top of events and developments. Visit tech websites for your daily dose of tech news.

Given how many different fields there are in tech for you to explore, you need to have an idea about the suitable companies to work for. Rely on your research to form a dream list of minimum 30 organizations whose values or missions are closely related to your interests.

Use your connections

Most tech firms are biased toward hiring referrals. So try to secure a referral for your job application rather than submitting one cold. You’ll find numerous professional networks you can join through social media and make connections with industry people.

Never feel shy when asking strangers for help since the tech industry was created on a foundation of favors. People will normally help you under the assumption that you’ll return the favor when the time comes.

Harness the power of social media

women tech

Plenty of people in tech secure jobs through social media. Why? Because hiring managers and founders will often turn on social media initially while posting for a job. The process is easy and quick, and a retweet request gets numerous views. Therefore, follow companies with active social media profiles and keep checking their accounts for job openings.

Conduct due diligence

When appearing for interviews, know all there is to know about the company, including the launch year, latest products, and the name of the founder. Startups are high risk by nature and only hire people who are truly involved in the mission of this business.

Though because of the strong economy startups have a better shot at succeeded now than before.

So and moreover, make sure your interview and job application goes off without a hitch by absorbing all the information you can about the prospective company. Check out YouTube clips by the founders, company podcasts, read the company blog, pay attention to the newest headlines. Show them how much you care so you’re able to wow them once you meet.

Present your accomplishments

The tech industry is greatly influenced by the major tech hubs across the world. Company founders boast about their achievements and ideas to compete for investors and customers. That trend of communicating permeates the whole industry, so an assumption is made that if you’re not showing off, you’re not qualified enough.

The trick is to hold nothing back during your communications with potential employers. Present all your achievements in the field and your past successes as a woman, quantifying them to the fullest. Finally, assess your worth and never settle.

You can do it

Women looking to cement a top position in the tech industry must jump through several hoops before they can become a prominent part of the industry. However, the key lies in starting out right and these tidbits of information can help you fulfill your goals.

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