Working with VMware View Network Ports

There are times that you need to change a port for VMware view. For instance, if a firewall is blocking the port or if something else is already using a port VMware View wants to use. Andre Leibovici put together a post on how to change the default ports to better suit your environment if necessary.

Current VMware View Ports:

  • PC-over-IP – this used to be port 50002, but Teradici recently registered port 4172 with IANA. So, PCoIP is 4172 going forward.
  • View Connection and Security Server – HTTP/HTTPS which is 80/443.
  • View Connection Ephemeral port – somewhere between 1024 and 65535.

Modifying PCoIP Ports
PCoIP ports can be changed using the PCOIP.ADM templates provided with VMware View Connection Server or via a registry change at GuestOS level. If you need more information please refer to View Administrator Guide. Please note that ADM templates are technically not officially supported by VMware.

Modifying View Connection and Security Server Ports
VMware View 4.0 and 4.0.1 run on Apache Tomcat/6.0.20 and the default HTTP/HTTPS ports configured are as per default 80/443.
The HTTP/HTTPS listener is part of the sslgateway component, which also supports SSL tunnelling. To configure the listening port, create or edit the file %programfiles%\vmware\vmware view\server\sslgateway\conf\

Modifying View Connection Ephemeral Ports
An ephemeral port is a short lived endpoint that is created by the operating system when a program requests any available user port. The operating system selects the port number from a predefined range, typically between 1024 and 65535, and releases the port after the related TCP connection terminates.

You might want to increase the number of ephemeral ports if your View Manager deployment is likely to use more than 800 concurrent client connections; another reason to modify ephemeral ports would be to change the range restriction for a multi-site distributed environments where firewalls rules would have to be applied or revoked.

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