“World’s Fastest Storage” enables InfiniBand SANs.

Texas Memory Systems, makers of the World’s Fastest Storage®, today announced the availability of the first solid state disks with InfiniBand connectivity. The RamSan solid state disk is uniquely able to complement the low latency and high bandwidth of the InfiniBand interface. High performance computing environments can utilize solid state disks to accelerate metadata for large file systems, accelerate scratch space, and store data for bandwidth and I/O intensive applications.

RamSan solid state disks can operate in pure InfiniBand and in mixed-InfiniBand and Fibre Channel interconnect environments. InfiniBand enables increased network bandwidth of up to 10 Gigabits per second, provides redundant connectivity support, allows for shared resources, and offers lower CPU utilization. InfiniBand is being increasingly deployed in high performance computing environments, such as supercomputing, data acquisition, video-on-demand and Oracle grid environments.

“InfiniBand has become prominent in high performance computing environments as a data storage and cluster interconnect as well as gaining popularity in regular enterprise data centers,” said Greg Schulz, Founder and Senior Analyst of The StorageIO Group. “The availability of high performance solid state disk with InfiniBand connectivity is an important development that may encourage more enterprises to upgrade their data centers to address I/O performance bottlenecks.”

“InfiniBand is fast becoming a core technology for many of our customers, including NASA,” said Donna Klecka, Director of CSC’s High Performance Computing Center of Excellence. “CSC is always looking for cutting edge technology to benefit our customers. ViON’s HyperStor solid state disk, which is manufactured for ViON by Texas Memory Systems, is just such a technology. It provides efficient and fast interconnectivity, and enables effective memory extension for more powerful computing.”

“With the increased adoption of InfiniBand, there is a need to increase storage performance,” said Woody Hutsell, Executive Vice President of Texas Memory Systems. “By consolidating computing and storage traffic in a unified InfiniBand fabric, it is easier to manage the entire application. Texas Memory Systems will continue to work closely with other InfiniBand technology providers to ensure flawless interoperability across every component of the system.”

Texas Memory Systems’ InfiniBand-based RamSan solid state disks offer up to 800MB/second of bandwidth and 50,000 random IOPS per single-ported controller and over 3GBytes/second of bandwidth or 200,000 random IOPS with four controllers.

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