Woz Joins Primary Data

Steve Wozniak, of Apple co-founder fame, recently joined virtualization startup Primary Data as the Chief Data Scientist. Until recently Woz was with the company Fusion-IO. It’s an interesting move for Woz and for Primary Data. I sort of wonder why? Just why? I mean, I know Woz is a smart guy, but between reality gigs such as My Life on the D List or Dancing with the Stars, does he really have time to be Data Sciencing? 

Obviously this is most likely a marketing move for Primary Data and Woz will most likely be a figure head. I’m not mad about it. But as a blogger/influencer/someone who is genuinely in love with tech, I’m not really all that interested in the company either and making Woz the figure head isn’t helping. Maybe that’s just the anti-apple in me, though…take it with a grain of salt…

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