WrapUp executes programs when you logoff

Tessler’s Nifty Tools
includes WrapUp. Just as Windows executes all programs
in its StartUp folder when it is first starting up, WrapUp
automatically executes all programs in its ShutDown folder or LogOff
folder right before Windows exits or logs off. WrapUp is not a scripting
program. It only executes your programs. Your own programs must either have
command line options or built-in scripting to direct it to perform the actions
that you want. If your program does not have one of these features, consider
purchasing any one of several script/batch tools for Windows, create a script to
command your program to do whatever you want, and lastly place the script into
your ShutDown or LogOff folder for WrapUp to execute.

WrapUp’s shutdown behavior is highly configurable:
When WrapUp detects that you have issued a command to
exit Windows, its default behavior is to ask you if you want to terminate all
currently executing programs and then execute all programs in WrapUp’s ShutDown folder. Once you are done working with the
ShutDown folder’s programs, you issue another shut down command. This time
Windows will exit since WrapUp has already executed its

  • If you choose, you can always have WrapUp terminate
    all currently executing programs and execute the ShutDown folder’s programs
    without asking you for permission.
  • If you choose, rather than having WrapUp terminate
    all your existing programs, you can specify that WrapUp should let all existing
    programs continue to execute, and simply execute the ShutDown folder’s programs.
    You can also have WrapUp terminate all programs except for programs that you
  • If you don’t want to have to issue a second shut down command, you can
    configure WrapUp to detect when all of its ShutDown
    folder’s programs have terminated and then automatically exit or restart
    Windows. You can configure WrapUp to execute invisibly
    so that the user never knows that it is executing on his/her PC.
According to the vendor’s site, a single user license is $39 and a
maintance cost is $19.

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