Configuring broadband Internet Connections (DSL, ADSL via PPoE) in Wndows XP

Before defining an Internet Connection, you should verify that your ADSL modem is properly installed and connected, either via an Ethernet network card or USB.

To define a new connection, select from the
menu: Settings / Network Connections.
You can also select in the Control-Panel :

Network Connections
or (if you have the Classic Desktop):
right-click on “My Network Places” and
select “Properties
If you have a Network card installed,
it will be shown on the right side as
a “Local Area Connection
Select on the left side from the
Network Tasks” to
Create a new connection
Note : to be able to create a new
connection, you must have proper
user permissions.
Up comes the Wizard
Next to Continue
Select to
“Connect to the Internet”
You can “Choose from a list of
Internet provides (ISPs)”, but
for that the system will dial out,
I assume to connect to Microsoft
to download the local, up-to-date
list. You can try it if you like.
I myself preferred to setup my
connection manually.
I am using a broadband connection
via an ADSL modem, using
PPPoE as connection method
(which is different to a modem
Define the name of your ISP
enter your Username and password,
as it has been assigned to you by
YOUR Internet Service Provider.
You can select to have on your
desktop an icon for this connection.
the windows for the Network
connections shows now the new
Dial-up connection.

Before making your first connection to the Internet, verify/configure the ADSL connection.

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