Windows XP Direct Cable Connection from Windows95

for additional information:
See Parallel Technologies’ Web Site for detailed information on
Windows 2000 DirectParallel
® DCC connections:There are some very helpful Step-By-Step Setup Instructions for setting up
DirectParallel® Direct Cable Connection (DCC) on Windows 95/98/2000/ME:

Once Windows XP is configure to accept incoming Direct Cable Connections,
you configure your Windows95/98/ME system also for Direct Cable connection
and are then ready to connect :

When using the standard setup
to connect from Windows95/98/ME
I had a bad surprise : It did not work !
On the Windows95 system, it started
to connect, but was immediately
I was sure, that I had made the login
to the Windows 95 systems using a
username and password, as defined
on the Windows XP system.
Like in all such cases, always have
a look in the Event Logs of Windows XP :
The “System” log shows an error for
Double-click on the error to get
the description :
“The following error occurred in the
Point to Point protocol module on
port: LPT1, Username :
<Unauthenticated User>.
The account is disabled.”
I tried the link to the Microsoft
website for more information :
“Sorry, no information”.
In the Properties of
“My Network Places”, I had a look
again at the Properties of the
“Incoming Connections”,
tab : Users
I had connected from the Windows95
system with a proper username (and
password), but that seemed to be not
To be able to connect, I decided to
try the option :
“Always allow directly connected devices
such as palmtop computers to connect
without providing a password”
Now, I was able to connect from
my Windows 95 system.
Since only TCP/IP is used (Windows XP
does not support anymore NetBEUI),
it will not be able to display directly
the “Host” system.
The system will prompt you for the
name of the Host computer , i.e. the
name of the Windows XP system
accepting the incoming connection.
(the name is defined on Windows XP
in the Properties of “My Computer” )

If somebody got the connection to work from Windows95 without this workaround, I would appreciate if
you can drop me an email telling me how you managed that………

Once another system connects via Direct Cable to
your Windows XP system, it will show in the
properties of the “Network Places” an additional
icon :
The incoming connection from the Windows95
system uses now “Unauthenticated User”
To get more information, right-click on the
Connection and select from the pop-up menu : Status
by default, an connection icon will be displayed in
the taskbar, which you can call up and then select
from here to display the “Status”:
tab: General
It will show the connection time,
the amount of data exchanged.
tab : Details
It will show you the IP-addresses,
assigned to the Windows XP system
( acting as the Server) and to the
connected client.

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