Differences between the XP Home and Professional Edition !

Windows XP is based on Windows NT4 and Windows 2000 technology.
Microsoft is positioning the Windows XP Professional Edition to replace Windows NT4 and
Windows 2000 Professional. In addition, the Windows XP Home edition will be replacing
Windows 95/98/ME.
But do NOT expect to receive full Window NT4/2000 functionality when using the XP Home Edition:
There is a substantial difference in price, and that is reflected in some reduced functionality in the
XP Home edition compared to the XP Professional Edition : features turned off !
This is NOT a complete list, I am just listing the features related to networking:

Windows XP Home EditionWindows XP Professional Edition
User managementLimited to 2 security levels,
no policies
Full User Management and
Security Policies
Workgroup networking/
Joining domains
Limited to Workgroup
network (unable to join
a domain)
Workgroup networking and
able to join a Domain
Security on sharing
disks and folders
no security, everybody
has access to shared data
Full security based on
User Management
Limit of simultaneous
max 5 simultaneous
file-sharing connections
max 10 simultaneous
file-sharing connections
Security of disks and
folders (NTFS drives)
limited Security, made
difficult to use
Full Disk/Folder Security based
on User Management
Group Policy
not includedIncluded
Remote Desktop
not included.Remote Desktop Access
Backup Programonly included via
ASR Automatic
System Recovery
not includedIncluded

The lack of the possibility to join a domain and the lack of securing a shared network resource
will prevent the use of the XP Home edition in most office networks, even in configurations where
Windows95/98/ME could be used.
More differences will be listed, once I encounter the item during my work.

Backup Program on Windows XP Home :

The default installation of Windows
XP Home does not include a Backup
program (as part of “Programs” /
“Accessories” / “System Tools”

If you have a copy of Windows XP Home on a Recovery CD-ROM : sorry.

If you have a retail copy ( as sold in
the shops) of Windows XP Home,
have a look on the CD-ROM to:
which allows to install now the
Backup program.

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