Windows XP Firewall Problems on LAN Connection

While is is an absolute MUST to configure a modem or high-speed ( DSL/ADSL/Cable modem)
Internet connection with a Firewall
, there will be problems with local area networking, when the
firewall is activated for the LAN connection :

When the firewall is activated for a network
adapter, which is used for local network
connection, your XP system will be able to
connect to other systems on the network,
but other systems will have serious problems
connection to your system.
Other systems (like this Windows 95), will either
not even see the XP system on the network, or
(if the firewall has been turned on after the systems
have started up) will not be able to access the
shared network resources on your XP system :
“This device does not exist on the network”

Suggestion : do not turn on the Firewall on network adapters, which are used for local networking,
unless the same network adapter is also used for your Internet connection !

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