Windows XP Access control via Security

Windows XP Professional offers (in addition to the User Access control in Network Sharing )
also the possibility to control access to file via Security :

Security is NOT available on disks
drives / partitions, which are formatted
in either FAT or FAT32.
On a disk drive / partition formatted in
NTFS, you can assign “Security”,
you also can use other features of
the NTFS system :
– disk / file compressing
– disk Quota
By default, members of the group
Administrators have “Full Control”,
which includes all permissions.
Members of other groups (like “Users”)
have only limited access permission :
– they can read and execute files
– they can NOT create / modify / delete files.
Permissions defined for the disk / partition
are also valid for all folders on this disk :
the permissions are inherited.

Be aware of the “strength” of
the “Deny” possibility :
it will override ANY “Allow”
permission defined for ANY
other group.
Therefore, if you like to give access
only to some users, remove the ALL
access permissions for the group “Users”
For the disk or the folder, which
should only be accessible for some
users, select the button “Add…”
to make it easy, click on “Advanced”
Click on “Find Now”,
then select the User or
User Group, for which
you are assigning the
This copies the complete
username / groupname
(include the name of the
user database)
This creates for the select
user / group the default
permissions (read / execute).
If required, grant now
additional permissions to
enable write and modify.

If such a secured folder is inside a shared disk/folder, then
the folder will be visible via the network.
On trying to access the secured folder with a Username,
for which no security settings were defined, the system
will display the “Access

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