Using local Logon Scripts in Windows XP

As part of the User Management in Computer Management, you can define a Logon script,
which will be executed when you logon locally to your system. Such logon script can contain
any valid Windows XP Command line instruction.
(You may be used to see Logon scripts when making a logon to a domain )
( and yes, there are also other possibilities, like placing a BAT-file in the STARTUP folder)
Defining a Logon script for a local logon requires the definition of a network share
called “netlogon” : create anywhere on the system a folder to contain the logon scripts
(example : scripts) and then share it using the name “netlogon” :

Inside this shared folder, create a
BAT-file (typical using Notepad)
containing command-line instructions
to be executed.
example : creating a drive mapping

In User Management, define for the user(s) in the properties on the tab “Profile” the
BAT-file defined/created above as the “Logon Script” :

When now making a logon to the system, the commands defined in the logon scripts will
be executed, it will be just visible for a very short time as a command prompt window in the taskbar:

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