Configuring Xbox Live

Configuring ISA Server for Xbox Live
By Aaron Shimmons

In this tutorial I will show you how to setup Microsoft’s online gaming service “Xbox Live” through your ISA Server. The configuration is simple and works well. The service uses three ports two of which will need created through the Protocol Definitions wizard.

The Xbox Live service uses two standard ports that should be configured by default on your ISA server.

  • Kerberos-Sec (UDP); Port 88; UDP; Send Receive

  • DNS Query (UDP); Port 53; Send

  • The service also requires two custom protocol definitions. I have named these Xbox1 and Xbox2 (I used my imagination!!).

    Steps Required:

    1. Create a new Protocol Definition called Xbox1.

    2. The new protocol definition needs to use: port 3074 over UDP Send/Receive.

    3. Create a second Protocol definition called Xbox2. This will use: port 3074 over TCP Outbound.

    4. You will also need a Site & Content Rule, if you do not already have one. This rule should allow all, based on destination.

    5. Finally you should stop and start your services.

    You can now setup your Xbox Live account using your Xbox.

    ISA Server is not officially supported by Xbox Live. This is because ISA Server was not created with the home user in mind. So, MS will not help you if you contact them. But like me, some of you will work from home or have ISA Server setup at home to run scenarios preparing for certification!!

    Anyway… What you have read, is what I use. It works a treat.

    Good luck…. And enjoy your gaming!


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