XenDesktop – without the SAN

When you talk about using VDI with virtual desktops (because you can use VDI with physical desktops or blades), you usually are talking about shared storage for the desktop VMs. When you are talking about shared storage, you are usually talking about a SAN as well. But, what if you want to get in the VDI game and don’t have a SAN? Paul Wilson attempts to answer that question in a recent article titled “Deploying XenDesktop without a SAN”. In this article, Paul uses XenDeskop and LoginVSI to test desktops with local storage. Paul writes:

“I used the test bed to determine if local storage was a viable option for a small to medium-sized deployment. After running the tests, I am highly confident that Windows 7 XenDesktops hosted on Hyper-V 2008 R2 with local storage would be an ideal solution for the SMB market.”

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