XenMobile and Azure AD announce new collaboration

XenMobile and Azure AD have just announced a collaboration aimed at helping IT professionals manage the often complex web of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications deployed at most enterprise-level organizations.

With the new partnership, you can now use Azure AD for authentication and enrollment via the Citrix Secure Hub mobile application when deploying XenMobile. Before this change, you would have had to use separate credentials to access Office 365 web applications from mobile. In addition, XenMobile users can now standardize authentication modes and define them on Azure AD, saving even more time.

What Azure AD and XenMobile’s collaboration means

XenMobile and Azure AD

Azure AD is included as part of an Office 365 subscription. So if you use it, you already have access to all Office 365 apps. And you can also use it to manage authentication and access functions for other enterprise SaaS apps such as Salesforce, Workday, and Concur.

Because XenMobile is one of the major enterprise mobility management solutions for IT pros, there’s a good chance that you already use both of these tools on a regular basis. This means that the ability to use them in tandem can save you a significant amount of time and headache.

How it works

In order to use the Citrix Cloud XenMobile Service with Azure AD, you simply need to set up the connection between the XenMobile service and identity provider. Once you’ve done that, the only real change for end users should be that they’ll be prompted to authenticate to AAD. Then everything should work as usual.

Essentially, this collaboration just makes the process of working with both of these programs easier. Since so many enterprise-level organizations utilize multiple devices and SaaS applications, having a straightforward way of working with both can be a huge benefit.

Photo credit: Flickr / Citrix Systems

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