Xobni will turbo charge your outlook.

Last week I got an invite from Xobni to try its beta version of Email productivity tool which turbo charge outlook as well as socialize the way we use outlook. Great tool Exchange Hosting providers can recommend this to its users; this is certainly a big leap for outlook in terms of end user experience.

As per Xobni, this tool help users to find information buried in MS outlook through sidebar View which has Past Conversations & Attachments. Also, email Search done at lightning speed to locate attachments, contacts, conversations etc…


Microsoft Outlook is much better than any other email client when mail management matters and but Xobni went beyond what MS outlook offered currently in terms of email management rather socialized approach by a free add-on application on the sidebar.Look at the below sidebar in my outlook.


What does Xobni do to turbo charge MS outlook? Here are my favorite features:

  1. Email search
  2. E-mail analytics
  3. Phone number extraction
  4. Threaded conversations
  5. File exchange recently
  6. Xobni sidebar

Great productivity tool for any outlook users, I hope they introduce this to more beta users and release it to public in real quick. In the meantime, I am hoping that in its next version (I guess they are currently looking into it) is that Xobni show all telephone numbers from my contacts. I am wondering what criteria they are using to extract the phone number, because for anyone there are more numbers in their personal contacts.

In summary, Xobni is a fantastic productivity tool. I have installed this into both Outlook 2003 & Outlook 2007 at office and home respectively; so far I haven’t encountered slowness while working. Hoping the address issue I mentioned will be improved and also, I would like to have one more feature of corporate IM integration in its next release where it indexes the chat history & files transfer. No wonder why bill gates love Xobni and embracing it… see one of his videos where talk about Xobni.

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