The Xtreme Minute: If you phish it, they will byte

Welcome to the Xtreme Minute for Friday, Oct. 5. This is our rundown of the hot tech topics that were up for discussion in this week’s TechGenix Xtreme Podcast with Louise Chalupiak and Peter King. This is October, which also happens to be Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Naturally, our theme this week is cybersecurity.

We start with a compendium of three articles from Derek Kortepeter. The first is titled Pegasus malware spreading at an alarming rate, and then we roll into Port of San Diego suffers cyberattack and Apparel-seller Shein suffers data breach after ‘criminal cyberattack’. “Field of Dreams” made us believe that “if you build it, they will come,” but perhaps the new saying should be “if you phish it, they will byte.”

Our very mysteriously named writer Stephen M.W. offers up an article titled, 6 exciting activity ideas for Cybersecurity Awareness Month. It is proven that the best prevention is education. But let’s face it, cybersecurity education is not really what one would call exciting. Stephen offers up six activities that can engage employees and raise awareness of malicious threats.

Brien Posey wraps up our day with an article titled, Time to panic? Facebook wants your medical & banking records. Oh, Facebook… remember when you were an innocent child wanting to connect people and encourage communication? Has Facebook grown into yet another entity with a focus only on shareholder value or have we as consumers entirely missed their point?

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