The Xtreme Minute: Jumping the shark or growing the beard?

Welcome to the Xtreme Minute for Friday, Sept. 7! This is a weekly rundown of the TechGenix Xtreme Podcast with Louise Chalupiak and Peter King with links to articles on the week’s hot tech topics. This week our theme is all about service providers.

We start off with a joint discussion on serverless computing. Twain Taylor saves us a lot of research with his article, Top 8 tools to use when working with serverless computing. Serverless computing is rather a misleading term as it really just means you are serverless on your site. We all still need powerful tools for the care and feeding of our systems even though they physically reside with a service provider.

The second article in our joint discussion is from John CasarettoSo why aren’t you using serverless computing? is a great article for those of you busy writing a business case to move your servers to the cloud!

The next in our service provider theme is an article from Amy Babinchak titled, Is your MSP a business model or just a billing model? Haven’t we all asked ourselves this very question at one time or another? Amy points out the importance of vendors differentiating themselves. If it boils down to the least expensive option, clients might not be clients for very long.

Mitch Tulloch wraps us up with his article titled, Have Microsoft patches reached a painful tipping point? This is a great collection of input from various unnamed sources that Mitch refers to as stories from the field. We might love Microsoft, but that doesn’t mean we can’t relate to this constructive criticism.

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