The Xtreme Minute: Red meat for those who love — or hate — meetings

Welcome to this week’s installment of the Xtreme Minute. This is our weekly rundown of the TechGenix Xtreme Podcast with Louise Chalupiak and Peter King with links to articles on the week’s hot tech topics.

This week we start off with a few of the more technical articles that focus on providing detailed step-by-step instructions. Anderson Patricio educates TechGenix followers with Azure Dashboard: Everything you need to know to use and share this powerful tool. Thomas Mitchell provides his insights with Deploying Exchange 2019 on Windows Server 2016 core in Azure and Brien Posey offers up PowerShell power tips: Scripting downloads to parse web content. I believe this might be the first time we have ever referred to technical instructions as easy to follow!

There is a lot of buzz in the air about the potential of augmented reality. We discuss an article from Rahul Sharma titled Why these augmented reality applications have businesses excited. There is no question that AR is a fabulous sales tool, but we may be waiting a while to see the accurate and effective application in real time. For now, enjoy Pokémon Go and remember to take a tape measure and color swatches when you go shopping.

Wrapping up the podcast is Amy Babinchak with her article titled, For MSPs, meetings are more than get-togethers, they are come-togethers. In our brave new world, we often find ourselves as part of a distributed workforce. Amy offers up her experiences and lessons learned when it comes to transforming meetings into a valuable part of the work week, as well as an effective tool for team building.

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