The Xtreme Minute: Mind your P’s — Android P, privacy policies, and password managers

Welcome to the Xtreme Minute! A quick and readable snapshot of what you can expect to hear in today’s TechGenix Xtreme Podcast including links to the articles we discuss. Enjoy!

Today we start with an article by Sukesh Mudrakola titled, Android P: Everything you need to know about the major update. The title speaks for itself and Sukesh provides a detailed breakdown of new functionality we can expect with this latest update. What is unexpected is that some of the new features are tools we may just find ourselves using on a daily basis. But the question remains, what will the P stand for?

Second up today is from Mitch Tulloch, titled, Do password managers keep you secure, or give you a false sense of security? This is a very conversational piece as Mitch reaches out to readers to get a sense of their experiences, opinions, and concerns with password managers. An informational article full of relevant information provided from an array of subject matter experts.

We wind up the day with my follow-up to the terms of service article titled, Think reading terms of service documents is scary? Wait until you read privacy policies. There is no shortage of judgment on my part, but most likely everyone can relate to the pain of these less than entertaining pieces of literature. This two-part journey documents why the lesson learned is that both personally and enterprise-wide, we are all responsible for what we share and with whom.

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