Xtreme Minute: Pringles and kayaks and bots, oh my!

Welcome to the latest installment of our TechGenix Xtreme Podcast summary. The Xtreme Minute is a quick readable summary of the articles we feature in our weekly podcast.

Here is a quick snapshot of what you can expect in today’s TechGenix Xtreme Podcast.

Our first discussion features an article by Mitch Tulloch titled, You don’t know it all: The biggest mistake senior IT administrators make. Mitch engages the help of his colleague Adam Bertram, who is a Microsoft Windows PowerShell MVP, and they remind us all that learning is a journey and no matter how many years of experience we may have, technology never stops. This article gives us an insider’s view of the importance of lifelong learning and provides a link to a new e-learning platform.

The second article we discuss is from Lavanya Rathnam, titled, Google Duplex: A marvelous technology with a myriad of concerns. This is quite an enlightening article based on what appears to be a natural conversation with a computer via a demonstration of Google Duplex at the recent Google I/O event. Lavanya breaks this down into the upside and the downside. Is this an opportunity to remove some of those boring tasks from our day-to-day lives? Or is this another sales pitch that will never get past QA?

Once again Peter King has selected a really fun article for our third discussion. Brien Posey contributed this article titled, What are the craziest things you have done to get WiFi access? From deconstructing a Pringles can to kayaking to the middle of a lake, Brien reminds us all of how desperate we can be to remain connected. Naturally, being the intellect that he is, Brien leaves us with some new intellectual capital as well as an important warning.

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