The Xtreme Minute: I saw the signs and they opened up my eyes!

Welcome to the Xtreme Minute for Friday, Sept. 21! This is a quick snapshot of the hot tech topics that are up for discussion in this week’s TechGenix Xtreme podcast with Louise Chalupiak and Peter King.

Our first article for discussion is from Rahul Sharma, Heed the warnings: 5 telltale signs of impending IT disasters. This article is a great summary of items to put into your list of checks and balances so that the signs are not missed. The reality is that the signs are there, but do we recognize that they exist? Now is the time to ensure we are tracking system behavior.

Caught in the middle today is Benjamin Roussey with an addition to our IT career guide series. His article, 5 top-paying IT jobs in 2018, confirms that working in tech requires education, passion, lifelong learning, and a brain that is wired in just exactly the right way. A tech career is comprised of many building blocks and if you build it, the rewards will come.

To wrap up the podcast today, we chat about Brien Posey’s article, Fax hack? Why old tech is getting renewed interest from cybercriminals. Brien educates us on the fact that security through obscurity is no longer a safe bet. We cannot afford to forget that printers have their own IP address and we can no longer revert to the golden oldies with the hope that our obscurity will make us too boring for the cybercriminal community. They’re on to us!

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