Xtreme Podcast: Let’s get smart about AI, and some facts about the fax

Welcome to the TechGenix weekly installment of the Xtreme Minute! A quick synopsis of what to expect in today’s TechGenix Xtreme podcast with Louise Chalupiak and Peter King, including links to the weeks hot tech topics and all the cool TechGenix content.

We begin with an article from Brien Posey and a look into the rather dark side of technology in his article titled, Murderous Malware: Can a computer virus turn deadly? The life-cycle of Malware has moved from mischievous pastime, to a means to notoriety, to personal monetization and illegal financial gain. The idea of it becoming a murderous avenue toward death and destruction is extremely concerning.

Here’s one for the conspiracy theorists among us! Mitch Tulloch offers up an article this week titled, AI or IA? It’s time to get intelligent about artificial intelligence. Hollywood imagination leads us all to believe in the eventual reality of artificial intelligence. Do we truly want to create a computer that thinks like a human being, with all of our flaws, mental variables, and hidden agendas? Mitch educates us on intelligent automation and the enormous benefits of recent advances.

We wind down with an intriguing look at faxing technology, because apparently it ain’t dead yet and the reasons are legit! Benjamin Roussey offers up his insights in Is faxing still a viable mode of business communication? Oh, yeah! And Lavanya Rathnam joins in with her article titled, Are fax machines dead? Not for health-care providers. Don’t cancel your landline just yet. Faxing is no longer just a platform for those averse to change and hard-core conspiracy theorists. This once thought to be obscure function still provides globally recognized signatures, lower security costs, and remains an effective analog backup device in our digital age.

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