Yoggie Gatekeeper

Computer system security becomes more and more important these days. There is a growing number of threats on the Internet such as viruses, trojans, malware, exploits etc. Sometimes even personal firewall cant protect user from the threat.

Yoggie, a small computer company, came up with an interesting solution for web security.

It is called Gatekeeper and it is a small and powerful security appliance which is capable to perform quite a number of tasks.



Here is a small list of functions that Gatekeeper can perform according to Yoggie:


There are two versions of Gatekeeper: Pro and Basic.

Here is the comparison of their features:


You can read more about Gatekeeper on official site .

Gatekeeper shall be made available in November. It is speculated that Basic version will be available for 180$ while Pro version will cost 220$.

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