You Can Set the Requirements for the Next Version of the ISA Firewall: ISA 2008 — Become a Microsoft Technology Adoption Partner (TAP)

Are you an ISA Firewall fan? Are you curious about the ISA Firewall but haven’t used it yet? Are you a dyed in the wool ISA Firewall admin who’s been working with the product for the last eight years? Maybe you’re in between these categories but still like working with the ISA Firewall from time to time.

How would you like to have a chance at shaping the feature set of the next version of the ISA Firewall, which will be ISA 2008? Have there been features you wished were in previous versions and it frustrated you that they weren’t there? Well, here’s you chance to get things changed!

You can have major impact on the future of the ISA Firewall software by becoming a member of the Microsoft ISA Firewall Technology Adoption Partner (TAP) group. If you choose to be a TAP participant, you will participate very early in the development cycle and receive very early bits and continue to receive updated bits as they are released. You will deploy early release bits in a limited production rollout, and expand the rollout as more stable and complete builds become available.

If you like, I can become your TAP assistant and work closely with you during your deployment, from initial planning, to setup, to configuration and to ongoing maintenance. I’m willing to work closely with you and your company in any capacity you wish on your ISA 2008 rollout as a member of the Microsoft TAP program.

If you’re interested, here what you need to know:

  • Microsoft wants to know YOUR requirements for the next version of ISA
  • Microsoft would like to showcase your deployment when the product launches
  • Microsoft would like to build a long-term relationship with you during the development and deployment of ISA 2008 on your network
  • Your company has from 50-1500 PCs protected by the ISA Firewall

Sound interesting? If so, write me a note at [email protected] and I’ll help get you started!



Thomas W Shinder, M.D.


Email: [email protected]

MVP — Microsoft Firewalls (ISA)

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