You should run CHKDSK

You should make this a hard-and-fast rule: On an NT workstation, run the CHKDSK
utility at least once a month. Assuming you are not running something like
Norton’s Utilites which does equivalent checking
. CHKDSK checks for and
fixes inconsistencies in the file system. To run the Windows NT Check Utility,
right click on the drive letter (partition to be checked) in Windows NT
Explorer, and choose Properties \ Tools \ Check Now
button. There will be two option boxes that appear. Check both, and
CHKDSK will run or it will display a message telling you that you can schedule
it to run as part of the next reboot sequence. These two options test for and
repair directory errors, NTFS errors, compressed-drive errors, FAT errors, long
filename errors and file system errors.

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