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Zoho’s online CRM solution is wooing customers. As a hosted solution, the Customer Relationship Management solution allows customers the flexibility of performing work anytime anywhere. For big firms the whole customer relationship can get complicated and hence, a solution that is easy to use especially for newbies, and a solution that meets the users’ needs in terms of functionality is definitely a winner. On top of all that the solution is very affordable when compared to established solutions such as, Salesforce’s.

Zoho is getting very positive comments from their corporate customers and what makes the difference is that some comments are coming from ex-Salesforce users! The lower cost, the overall ease of use and functionality is what the users are finding attractive when compared to other vendors’. An important feature of hosted solutions that users need to look for is security and according to their existent customers, Zoho’s solution has inbuilt security features that addresses the users’ needs.

For more information about Zoho CRM and to see some customer comments go here.

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