Using Azure DevOps Repos in your Azure Cloud Shell

We can take advantage of Azure DevOps to synchronize content when using Cloud Shell. The process is simple, and it starts on Azure DevOps. Click on Repos (Item 1), select the desired repo (Item 2), and then click on the Clone button (Item 3).

Azure DevOps Repos

In this new blade, we need two pieces of information: the location (Item 1) and the password (Item 2).

Having all the pieces together, we can open Cloud Shell and execute the following command to get a copy of the repo we reviewed in the previous steps and provide the password. The result will be a new folder with the content of the repo that we are cloning.

Git clone https://[email protected]/OrganizationName/ProjectName/_git/Repo

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1 thought on “Using Azure DevOps Repos in your Azure Cloud Shell”

  1. Hi, Patricio!
    Great article!

    I have one different scenario though… We have a use case in which several users have to access one storage account and use it in Cloud Shell to run Ansible/Terraform commands (because of the native integration of Cloud Shell with these IaaC & provisioning tools). However, Microsoft’s recommendations are that every user must have it’s own storage account for using Cloud Shell (instead of using one storage account for all users).

    However, the only way to make the Cloud Shell work & connect to the storage account is by setting the “Networking” to “Allow access from – All Networks” – meaning – Public Access to the storage account.

    This is not something we like, but the only way to make it work with a private network is by using Azure Relay and running a Container (according to the Microsoft docs – ).

    We are not allowed to use that solution either.. So my question is.. is there a workaround via the Azure DevOps repos? – meaning – is there an integration/way to store the config files of Terraform/Ansible in a DevOps Repo and Cloud Shell to access them via that manner?

    Thank you!

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