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10 BYOD Policy Guidelines

Kenneth states that a well-written BYOD policy is the first step in bringing order out of personal device chaos. His suggested policy includes:

1. Jailbroken and rooted devices are not allowed

2. Devices must be protected by screen lock passwords

3. Require enrolment in the corporate MDM, MAM, or MCM

4. Devices must be regularly updated with latest OS and patches

5. Business data and personal data must be kept separate

6. Corporate data should be encrypted

7. Custom profiles for each device type and manufacturer

9. Require periodic re-authentication

10. Prevent offline access

The above list is very comprehensive, however I would add one more action with the above policy which requires users to run an anti-malware/virus solution on their devices which can be offered via a centralised mobile management suite keeping all devices up-to-date with the latest security updates.

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