Social Engineering

Android malware Banker.BR Trojan targets users via phishing messages

A new Android malware dubbed Banker.BR is targeting Spanish and Portuguese speakers. Spread through a phishing campaign, it is able…

2 months ago

Google cracking down on false coronavirus ads with verification program

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted irreputable people to run false coronavirus ads. Google is trying to mitigate the damage.

2 months ago

Norwegian Cruise Line experiences data breach of travel agents records

Travel agents who have worked with Norwegian Cruise Line should take note. Your information is now being used by cybercriminals.

3 months ago

Cyber-extortion scheme targets Google AdSense users

A cyber-extortion scam targeting Google’s AdSense users is making waves. Here are the facts that will help you rest easy…

4 months ago

Mobile banking users attacked in SMS phishing campaign

An SMS phishing campaign is targeting users of some of the biggest banks in North America. The attack has been…

4 months ago

Massive phishing attack targets Canadian banks and customers

The victims are many in this massive two-year phishing attack directed at customers at some of the largest Canadian banks.

6 months ago

IRS scam tricking thousands via social engineering

IRS scams using social engineering to snare victims is nothing new. This campaign, however, is unique because it is out…

7 months ago

Whoa, don’t open that email!

Would you open your front door if you knew that the person knocking wanted to rob you? So why would…

11 months ago

LinkedIn phishing attacks initiated by Iranian hacker group APT34

As the war of words between the U.S. and Iran intensifies, Iranian-backed hacking group APT34 is ramping up LinkedIn phishing…

12 months ago

Windows PC utility ‘G-Cleaner’ a front for malware

G-Cleaner is just one example of many third-party applications that prove how easily people are duped into downloading malware.

1 year ago