Social Engineering

Whoa, don’t open that email!

Would you open your front door if you knew that the person knocking wanted to rob you? So why would…

2 months ago

LinkedIn phishing attacks initiated by Iranian hacker group APT34

As the war of words between the U.S. and Iran intensifies, Iranian-backed hacking group APT34 is ramping up LinkedIn phishing…

3 months ago

Windows PC utility ‘G-Cleaner’ a front for malware

G-Cleaner is just one example of many third-party applications that prove how easily people are duped into downloading malware.

6 months ago

Key mobile security challenges: Definitive guide for busy tech leaders

Robust mobile security is not only for smartphones but also for portable devices such as laptops and wearables that can…

6 months ago

Separ malware phishing campaign targets businesses

Separ malware is being utilized in a phishing campaign to target the credentials of businesses in a simple but incredibly…

8 months ago

For shame! Newest phishing scams traffic on victim humiliation threats

Phishing scams persist because people get duped by them. With attackers now using the weapon of potential shame, victims are…

9 months ago

Bogus Flash Player update targets millions of Mac users with adware

Mac users are not safe from malware, despite their faulty idea of being a protected class of computer users. Case-in-point:…

9 months ago

Get a free Volkswagen? Not so fast — it’s just another scam

A recent campaign plaguing social networks promises a free Volkswagen — and all you have to do is click a…

10 months ago

GreyEnergy industrial attacks found to begin with phishing emails

The advanced persistent threat group GreyEnergy has wreaked havoc mostly in the shadows. But new research is highlighting just how…

11 months ago

Ramped-up phishing attacks target universities around the world

Phishing attacks are easily one of the most common, and effective, methods of social engineering. Every facet of society is…

12 months ago