SOS for SSDs: How to avoid solid-state drives firmware failure

Solid-state drives are great. They're terrific. They're blazing fast. Except when all SSDs suddenly fail at the same time.

6 months ago

A Hyper-V troubleshooting tale: Lessons learned

Troubleshooting is both a science and an art, and art is best learned by watching other artists do their work.…

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Keep those backdoors closed!

Whether you're dealing with hardware or software, as an administrator you need to be aware of potential backdoors and be…

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Update your BIOS! Or not

As an IT pro, you know the importance of keeping your software and hardware up to date. But what about…

4 years ago

OTA backdoor puts 3 million Android users at risk

A newly discovered backdoor in some Android devices could leave as many as 3 million users open to a man-in-the-middle…

4 years ago