machine learning

3 startups with innovative solutions to enhance customer experience

These three startups are enhancing the customer experience by solving an array of challenges across the entire customer lifecycle.

2 months ago

Amazon Fraud Detector generally available

Online payment frauds are a threat to any company doing business on the Web. Amazon Fraud Detector can stop the…

3 months ago

Machine learning security tools: The good guys strike back

With cyberattacks growing in strength and number, it’s good to know there are machine learning security tools fighting back against…

6 months ago

Intent-based networking: Is this the ‘next big thing’?

Intent-based networking uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to make enterprise networks smart and boost performance.

1 year ago

Google Cloud, ServiceNow announce new integrations

A new partnership between Google Cloud and ServiceNow makes digital workflows faster and more efficient, especially for IT operations.

2 years ago

Shedding light on dark data: Is it an opportunity or risk?

Most companies don’t realize they have a reservoir of “dark data.” Tapping into it can bring huge benefits — and…

2 years ago

6 awesome medical applications powered by machine learning

Your next surgery may be assisted by a robot powered by machine learning. These medical applications are adding to quality…

2 years ago

IoT trends that will keep IT leaders busy throughout 2018 — and beyond

IoT has always been a source of innovation, meant to unite us in new ways. Whether you can hitch a…

3 years ago

Azure updates bring better security, artificial intelligence, and more

In 2017, Microsoft rolled out several Azure updates and new features in its attempt to knock No. 1 cloud provider…

3 years ago

AI, machine learning, and deep learning: What they are and how they differ

AI, machine learning, and deep learning are terms often used interchangeably. But it’s crucial to understand the nuances before you…

3 years ago