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It’s a beautiful summer. Mastering Azure Infrastructure (*HOT*). IT Workshop – whole lotta tools! Beaten by the Cube. Fun soccer videos. Aliens must be really dumb. Plus lots more — read it all, read it here on WServerNews!

Which tool do you need for the job? Read this week’s newsletter and find out! Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

Editor’s Corner

It’s a beautiful summer and we’re away on holidays so this week’s newsletter is an abbreviated edition that focuses on tools, more tools and lots more tools. We’ll also be taking a short break from doing book reviews as we plan on reading a whole bunch of new books during our time off. And once we’re back we’ll catch up on everything that’s been happening with Windows, Windows Server, Linux, the cloud, cybersecurity and other stuff our our IT pro readers need to know about. Meanwhile there’s still lots of fun and interesting stuff in this week’s issue, so make sure you read everything—and enjoy!

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Open Source Summit Latin America – Virtual Event on August 23-24 – Register

VMware Explore is returning as an in-person event – Aug 29 to Sept 1 in San Francisco, California – Save your seat!

***HOT!*** Mastering Azure Infrastructure – Sept 15-16 in Köln, Germany – More info

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Meet the Editors!

MITCH TULLOCH is Senior Editor of WServerNews and is a widely recognized expert on Windows Server and cloud technologies. He has written more than a thousand articles and has authored or been series editor for over 50 books for Microsoft Press and other publishers. Mitch has also been a twelve-time recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award in the technical category of Cloud and Datacenter Management. He currently runs an IT content development business in Winnipeg, Canada that produces books, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, courseware, documentation, newsletters and articles for various companies.

INGRID TULLOCH is Associate Editor of WServerNews. She was co-author of the Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking from Microsoft Press and collaborated on developing university-level courses in Information Security Management for a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program. Ingrid also manages Research and Development for the IT content development business she runs together with Mitch.

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IT Workshop – whole lotta tools!

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Our TOOL OF THE WEEK is RdpGuard a host-based intrusion prevention system that can help stop brute-force attacks on Remote Desktop Protocl (RDP) and other Windows network protocols and services.

Got SYSADMIN SKILLS and looking for a job? Check out the SysAdmin JobHub, a job board for IT professionals who keep the world’s systems running. Brought to you by Linux New Media and ADMIN Magazine.

If you’re organization is considering deploying Windows 11 then check out the following helpful resources:

Some more HOT RESOURCES you might find useful:

Here are MORE TOOLS that our IT pro colleagues have recently recommended:

Check out these tools from IgniteTech for supercharging your business:

  • Create enterprise-grade mobile applications with @Hand to power business functions such as work order management, asset tracking and inventory control.
  • Consolidate project, cost and resource management across your entire organization using EPM Live. See the big picture while monitoring progress and making informed decisions.
  • Bring all your HR data together with NuView to increase effectiveness and visibility across HR, managers, employees and senior leadership.
  • Prologic lets you maximize profits with customizable retail business operations.
  • Smart Routines helps you drive down cost-per-employee by streamlining managerial tasks and human resources processes.

Finally here are some MISCELLANEOUS TOOLS you might find interesting or useful:

  • Retype is an ultra-high-performance generator that builds a website based on simple text files.
  • RoboForm is a secure password manager that is helpful for filling out forms.
  • CPU-X is a free open-source tool you can use for viewing hardware specs on computers running Linux. It looks and feels similar to the CPU-Z tool for Windows.
  • USBGuard can help protect PCs running Linux from rogue USB devices. This article on nixCraft explains how to use this security tool.

And finally check out this article from Data Center Knowledge: Fantastic Open Source Cybersecurity Tools and Where to Find Them


Tips and Tutorials

We’re saving this one for next week!

IT Bookshelf

Our book review section will return in our August 22nd newsletter!

Factoid: Beaten by the Cube

We’ll catch up with responses to our Factoids when we’re back from holidays. In the meantime here is this week’s factoid:

Fact: Another Rubik’s Cube Robot Is Simple But Slow (Hackaday)


Question: Have any of our readers ever actually solved a Rubik’s cube? I spent hours and hours trying when it came out but finally gave up and threw it against the wall. What’s the trick? Email us your answer and we’ll include it in our next issue!

Fun videos from Flixxy

We love soccer. So will you after seeing these videos.

Amazing Soccer Artist Iya Traore – Amazing soccer artist Iya Traore performing on Georgia’s Got Talent.

Dog Scores Soccer Goal – A dog scores with a header during a neighborhood soccer game in Buenos Aires, Argentina and then celebrates like he just won the World Cup.

This Is Brazil – When it comes to soccer, Brazil is known worldwide as the land of the magicians.

Soccer Safety Video – Watch the Emirates Airline crew demonstrate a ‘safety video’ in front of 65,000 soccer fans in Lisbon, Portugal, with a twist…

And Finally

The odd, the stupid and the remarkable. Good for your mental health.

Some Worms Use Their Powers for Good (The Hacker News)

[Yes just think of all the revenue cybersecurity companies have earned dealing with worm infections at their clients.]

Does Hot Water Freeze Faster Than Cold? Debate Continues Over The Mpemba Effect (Hackaday)

[I don’t know, I’ve never seen a piece of frozen hot water.]

More dogs in the neighborhood often means less crime (

[That’s because most burglars are cats.]

Department of Defense Renames UFO-Tracking Office (

[Aliens must be really dumb because security through obscurity *never* works, right?]

Hey reader! Got an amazing or weird or funny link you’d like to suggest for this section of our newsletter? Email us! But please make sure that it’s G-rated as in “Gee whiz”, “Golly!”, “Good grief!”, “Gaaahh!!” and so on. Thanks!

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