5nine Cloud Security

5nine Cloud Security is the only unified cloud computing security platform to provide agentless virtual firewall, antivirus, intrusion detection and anomaly detection for the Microsoft Cloud Platform.

This comprehensive security and compliance solution for Hyper-V and Azure is optimized for protection, performance and productivity. Not only does it provide an automatic, immediate and efficient way to defend against threats, it is also specifically designed to be implemented and managed by system administrators with general (non-specialist) security skillsets.

Key Benefits

Maximize Performance: Agentless technology ensures security without impacting performance

Eliminate Stress and Complexity: Existing IT resources can easily manage complex security tasks

Threat Landscape: Detect internal and external threats in real-time

Reduce Costs: Consolidate vendors, tools and interfaces to lower operating expenses

Multilayered: Protect your infrastructure with a layered solution

Cloud Security for Hyper-V

Built for the Microsoft Hybrid Cloud: Manage Microsoft Azure and Hyper-V from the same console

Uses Hyper-V Extensible Switch and Virtual Router: Provides North-South and East-West protection for Hyper-V and SDN V2 environments

Hypervisor-Level Functionality: Scan 70 times faster and reduce the load on hosts by up to 30%

Scales for Large and Complex Organizations: Import Hyper-V VMs to Azure quickly, easily and with just a few clicks

Cloud Security for Azure

5nine Cloud Security for Azure is a new Azure Marketplace solution that takes the industry’s leading security solution designed for Hyper-V and adapting it to the public cloud. With knowledge gained from almost a decade of experience protecting and managing Microsoft virtual machines on behalf of our customers, 5nine now offers a virtual router which monitors and inspects network traffic in Microsoft Azure. Now organizations can use 5nine to manage and protect their private, public and hybrid clouds.

5nine Cloud Security protects Azure virtual machines, networks and disks. Organizations can take advantage of a simple GUI console, which includes a virtual firewall, agentless antivirus with optimized scanning, deep packet inspection, intrusion detection (IDS), and network analytics with granular user and tenant access control. Today, businesses of any size can meet their industry’s compliance and regulatory needs without deploying multiple point solutions.

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