Citrix Workspace

Citrix Workspace is a flexible platform that delivers a personalized, digital work experience. Simplify complex enterprise applications by streamlining functionality and provide a single point of access to content, managed, web, SaaS, Windows and Linux apps and desktops.


Employees navigate too much complexity – too many apps across different devices and platforms, too many passwords, and content in multiple locations. All of this can negatively impact employee experience.

  • Citrix Workspace streamlines workflows, serving as an interface between information in legacy systems, on-premises systems and SaaS systems.
  • Universal search provides users the ability to search for relevant information across all files and apps.


Today’s work environment is consumed with irrelevant notifications, sequentially-sorted emails in overflowing inboxes, and numerous applications that require context switching between them.

  • Citrix Workspace presents content seamlessly in an intelligent feed to reduce frustration and enable employees to become more engaged with their work.
  • Event-driven and user-initiated tasks that are personalized and relevant are delivered to users.
  • Employees can collaborate anywhere, on any device with tools such as MS Teams.


Complex workflows between apps cause employees to spend too much time doing work of low business value.

  • The number of logins, clicks, and swipes is reduced, simplifying workflows and leading to fewer support tickets for forgotten passwords.
  • Citrix Workspace intelligence uses machine learning-powered workflows to provide insights and alleviate the need to launch full applications.
  • Virtual assistance automates repetitive tasks for queries such as, “How many PTO days do I have?” or “What is the status of my PO?”
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