CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro is an award-winning, Microsoft certified email signature and email flow manager for Exchange. Trusted by thousands of companies all over the world, this easy-to-use Exchange toolbox will help you create complex rules to centrally manage email flow and to unify the look of your corporate correspondence – all without touching end users’ computers and mobile devices.

Key features

  • Central management based on rules
    Configure the flow of all incoming and outgoing emails and control their content via an intuitive and user-friendly Administration Panel. Configure a set of rules and then sit back and let the software automatically add signatures, archive attachments, send auto-replies, and do even more tasks.
  • Company-wide email signature
    Thanks to the built-in editor, it takes less than 5 minutes to compose and position email signatures for all employees. Insert data and photos stored in Active Directory, inline graphics, disclaimers, and more.​
  • Add disclaimers to company mail
    Meet legal requirements, protect the confidentiality of correspondence, and broadcast important information to your recipients – all that thanks to centrally added email disclaimers.​
  • Marketing banners and images always visible to recipients
    No need to worry about images being blocked or wonder how many recipients actually click “Download Pictures”. Owing to novel technology, graphics are embedded directly to your messages, rather than sent as attachments.
  • Server-level automatic replies
    Centrally managed, fully editable auto-replies for single users or entire groups. With original message included in the message body, customizable CC and BCC fields and even attached files.
  • Email attachment control
    Compress, archive or remove attachments from incoming emails to save space. Help your Sales team out by automatically attaching product offers in PDF files to selected outgoing messages.
  • Email address rewriting
    Replace particular senders’ addresses with the general ones, e.g. rewrite from [email protected] to [email protected], and vice versa. Maintain the professional and consistent look of your Sales or Support team correspondence.​
  • Legal email compliance
    Let your company mail stay in keeping with legal regulations. The program will help you meet the standards of many common legal acts, e.g. HIPAA, SOX, eDiscovery, UE Directive 2003/58/EC, SEC Rule, etc.
  • Email unsubscribe mechanism (CASL and similiar acts compliance)
    Stay compliant with Canadian anti-spam law (CASL) that came into force on July 1st, 2014, as well as with other regulations requiring you to add the unsubscribe links to your commercial correspondence. Apply a complete email unsubscribe mechanism in your company email.​
  • Email forwarding and rerouting
    Forward incoming, outgoing, and internal messages to any address. Automatically reroute all or selected emails depending on their content, properties, sender, recipient, etc.
  • API
    Enables developers to integrate CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro with standalone or web applications. You can now manage the program even via an internet browser running on a mobile device.​
  • Scalability, multi-tenant and multi-server environment support
    Automatic replication of settings between multiple servers. Support for environments with multiple tenants (e.g. Exchange hosts). Guaranteed stability in high network traffic.
  • Support for hybrid environments
    CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro supports hybrid deployments of Office 365 and on-premises Exchange, with centralized mail transport enabled.
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