HyTrust CloudControl

HyTrust CloudControl Foundation Edition offers one of the most complete solutions available today for multi-cloud deployments to meet a broad range of government and industry compliance mandates including CIS Benchmark, PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, NIST-800 Series and others across both private and public cloud environments.


  • Help you understand where your workloads are located with a centralized view of workload inventory across private cloud (vCenter, ESXi, VMs, and Datastores) and public cloud (EC2 and S3)
  • Allow you to segment your workloads into different security and compliance zones (e.g. regulated vs. non-regulated) with a patented tagging mechanism
  • Save you time with comprehensive audit-quality logs and reports of all administrative access (“who”, did “what” and “when”) to meet regulatory requirements
  • Improves your security posture and eases the operational burden with automated continuous configuration hardening
  • Consistently enforce security controls in your AWS and vSphere environment and meet stringent compliance mandates
  • Protect and prevent the accidental exposure or tampering of AWS S3 buckets
  • Automate configuration hardening and continuously monitor infrastructure to increase ROI and reduce the costs associated with maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Collect audit data from disparate sources for faster compliance reporting using user-friendly dashboards instead of hand built scripts

HyTrust now offers a free trial license of HyTrust CloudControl – Foundation Edition that permits up to 50 assessment/remediation checks.



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