Kaspersky Security for Windows Server

Kaspersky Security for Windows Servers provides resilient next generation security for servers in all the many roles they undertake. For optimum cost-effectiveness, appropriate functionality can be enabled using different licenses, according to the type of task being addressed.

Key Features

  • Next Generation protection against malware and more. Kaspersky Security for Windows Servers is based on our unique multi-layered protection platform, supported by Machine Learning and human expertise, enabling the detection of all forms of malware attack, including advanced, sophisticated and emerging threats. Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) delivers a rapid response to new threats, improving protection performance and reducing the risk of false positives to near-zero.
  • Shared folder and storage protection against crypto-malware. A unique anti-cryptor component blocks the encryption of files on shared resources originated by a malicious process running on a different machine on the network. This functionality applies to both Windows-based file servers and NetApp storage systems Exploit prevention. Powerful Exploit Prevention technology watches over protected processes to prevent exploits from attacking unpatched and even zero-day vulnerabilities in applications and system components.
  • Systems hardening. Adopting a Default Deny scenario using Application Launch Control optimizes your system’s resilience to data breaches. By prohibiting the running of any application other than specified programs, services, and trusted system components, you can automatically block most forms of malware completely. Implemented in combination with Kaspersky Device Control, running in Default Deny mode also prevents unsolicited storage, considerably reducing your attack surface and boosting your server security.
  • Systems integrity. Ensuring that critical system components and processes (as well as applications) remain intact is essential both for the smooth functioning of your servers and for the security of the sensitive data they are working with. Components of Kaspersky Security for Windows Server such as File Integrity Monitor and Log Inspection don’t just identify unwanted changes to your systems – they, can also detect different indicators of a security breach, in compliance with regulations including PCI/DSS.
  • Traffic security. Kaspersky Security for Windows Server now filters traffic for malware, verifies web links and provides web-resource control, based on Kaspersky Lab categories, for any external system supporting the ICAP protocol, including proxy servers and storages.
  • Terminal server protection. An extensive range of remote access environments can be secured, including Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and Citrix XenApp/Xen Desktop. Windows Firewall management. Your Windows server firewalls can be configured directly from Kaspersky Security Center, giving you the convenience of local firewall management through a single unified console.
  • SIEM integration. Kaspersky Security for Windows Server integrates with most leading SIEM systems, converting events in application logs into formats supported by the syslog server, so that these can be recognized and imported into your SIEM. The application supports conversion into both structured data and JSON formats.
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