ManageEngine OpUtils

ManageEngine OpUtils is IP address and switch port management software that helps network admins efficiently monitor and manage IP addresses and switch ports. OpUtils offers troubleshooting and real-time monitoring capabilities, and can be integrated with other IT management solutions for central IP address and switch port management.

OpUtils is an integrated solution that helps with detecting rogue device intrusion, restricting unauthorized network access, monitoring the health and availability of critical devices, identifying the devices connected to switch ports, backing up the configuration files of routers/switches, keeping an eye on bandwidth usage, and more.


  • Easy installation and setup
    Get OpUtils running in under two minutes. It requires no complex installation procedures and comes bundled with databases and web servers.
  • Easy-to-use tools
    OpUtils provides a comprehensive set of 30+ tools to help troubleshoot tasks and cut down the time it takes to discover what went wrong in the network.
  • Availability monitoring
    Monitor the availability status of your IP addresses and switch ports on one screen via inventory, dashboards, and graphs.
  • Notification profile
    You can configure OpUtils to notify network administrators about changes in switch port or IP connection or about reentry of a rogue device based on the alarm raised using notification profiles.
  • Scheduler profile
    Configure OpUtils to scan the entire network or a group of specified devices for new devices.
  • Training and demo
    Free, comprehensive training sessions, live webinars, and demos are regularly provided to help users gain a better understanding of OpUtils’ features.
  • Affordable pricing
    The base version of OpUtils starts at USD 345 annually for 250 switch ports and 250 IP addresses.

OpUtils Features

  • IP address management
    Scan a subnet and see the availability status of IP addresses in that subnet to identify whether a particular IP is reserved or available. It also shows connected port details.
  • Switch port management
    Discover the devices plugged in to each port of a specified switch, and gain visibility into the IP, MAC, VLAN, status, and availability of ports.
  • Rogue device detection
    Mark devices as trusted, guest, or rogue, and alert admins when a new system is detected or when guest validity expires, and block switch ports to prevent unauthorized access. It also helps in automatic marking of trusted devices, which are present in the Active Directory.
  • Bandwidth monitoring
    Keep track of your network’s bandwidth usage, and generate bandwidth utilization reports for different parameters.
  • Config file management
    Schedule the backup of Cisco config files to upload/download, and compare different versions of the startup/running config files.
  • Network monitor
    Continuously monitor the response time of multiple devices and generate email and escalation alerts based on the severity.
  • Wake on LAN
    Manually boots up inactive machines present in your network.
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