ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus

Vulnerability Manager Plus monitors endpoints situated on-site and also those which are remotely bridged through the public internet. Small business networks with a single office and large scale business networks with multiple offices can be managed without issues concerning bandwidth.

This security solution routinely scans endpoints for vulnerabilities arising from OS, third -party applications, web server and other security misconfigurations and displays them for users to quickly gather information and take action.

The interesting feature of the product is its comprehensive vulnerability assessment. This drastically reduces the chances for a data breach or exploit as it allows admins to prioritize response considering the actual risks involved.

Besides vulnerability assessment, the product supports multiple essential tools for securing endpoints. They are as follows:

  1. Dedicated patch management tab
    The patch management tool detects missing software patches and enables admins to distribute them to systems running on Windows, Linux & Mac OS. Users can choose to distribute patches manually or set up automated distribution cycles to heighten security and reduce workload. The product also supports patch management for a horde of third-party applications out of the box.
  2. Security Configuration Management
    This tool detects inadequate security configurations present within endpoints. It then equips users to deploy appropriate configurations to systems, right from the console.
  3. High-risk software uninstall
    This feature helps admins to detect and uninstall high-risk software present in managed systems. Software that work on a peer-to-peer mechanism, end of life and remote desktop sharing software are all considered to be high-risk and should be removed from any systems for maximum enterprise security.
  4. Web server misconfigurations
    Vulnerability Manager Plus continuously monitors these internet facing systems closely and keeps an eye out for security flaws that lead up to DDoS, Cross-site scripting (XSS) and other web based attacks. The product displays resolutions for any threats found from within web servers in the operational environment and also adds an extra layer of security to protect them.
  5. Zero-day vulnerability mitigation
    Vulnerability Manager Plus empowers its users with mitigation scripts ready to be deployed, to take a stand against Zero-day vulnerabilities where, patches have not been released by the respective vendors.
  6. Reports
    Reports help admins and auditors to track their IT management operations and help maintain compliance to regulatory policies.

The reports tab in the product, contains predefined options to choose from for asset and security audits. Also admins have the option to automate or schedule the generation of reports.

Vulnerability Manager Plus provides a 30-day free trial for users to get acclimated with the product first hand before they make the purchase.

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